Unions And Onions Have Some Similarities, Both Can Be Too Strong And Overpowering

FOX news reporter James Rosen reminded us on “Your World With Neil Cavuto” today that President Obama’s health care plan gives unions 60 billion dollars worth of exemptions.  He also reported that he signed an executive order that declares federal construction projects that are projected to be twenty-five million or more must be given union preference, and that “workers’ rights” must be posted at all federal work sites  that have projected costs starting at ten thousand dollars.

Isn’t it just common sense and decency that recognizes union workers should be expected to pay the same as the rest of us for healthcare, and not rely on us to carry those burdens?  And continuing in the interest of fairness and decency, should we not give non-union construction companies the same opportunities as union companies?  It’s like one of those great Ally Bank commercials that offer one little girl a real pony and the other a small plastic toy pony.  It ends saying “even kids know it’s not right to hold out on somebody, it’s just the right thing to do.”

It is one thing for unions to make demands of their employers, but when did the federal government become the employer?

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